Curved and flat-tempered glass line

Lamidur® technology

The infinite expression of glass

Lamidur® is the result of laminated applications developed by the Pontevedresa Group. Over the years, a broad spectrum of new glass-based components bring together features like safety, and acoustic and energy efficiency with state-of-the art design. For that purpose, the group has a manufacturing centre dedicated exclusively to laminated glass technology and its continuous evolution.

Industrial market needs are increasingly demanding and standardized. Compliance with these requirements is transformed into features that add value to the Lamidur®product.

Safety and resistance

It holds together in the event of breaking. This is possible because several sheets of glass are bonded together by one or more interlayers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), with a minimum thickness of 0.38 mm. Laminated glass provides a high level of safety in the event of breaking because the glass stays bonded to the interlayer, preventing it from shattering.

Conservation and maintenance

A special type of Lamidur®, whose hygroscopic resistance is far superior to conventional laminated glass. It is particularly resistant to moisture in saline environments and when frameless.

Acoustic and energy efficiency

Lamidur® filters the energy from ultraviolet light, reducing the need for cooling in buildings, vehicles, vessels and trains.
This advantage combines with sound insulation, thanks to special interlayers that effectively reduce external noise, making laminated glass the best option for vessels, vehicles, lifts, façades and other glazing solutions.

Mechanical efficiency

Lamidur® is extremely resistant to impact and other external stresses. The tempered version provides a much higher structural resistance than untreated glass.

Aesthetic and customized features

We work closely with our clients to find the best customized glass product using Lamidur®. The interlayers used for laminating glass offer numerous possibilities in terms of design and customization. Main features:

  • Transparency and colour
  • Opaque and translucent finishes
  • Different percentages of light transmission
  • Wide range of insertions: images, prints, diodes, fabrics, engravings, plates, meshes, fibres, papers, etc.


Materials, technical characteristics and applications. This is why laminated glass is crucial in many sectors of the industrial market.


Lamidur®’s versatility means that it can be used in large-scale and smaller projects that require a wide range of measurements, thicknesses and finishes. Capacity for manufacturing in great thicknesses.

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